Electronics -Brief Overview
Filatech source an array of different lines of products from internationally known manufacturers. We deal in Components, Power Supplies, Hard-To-Find/Obsolete Parts, LED Lighting, Connectors etc. and alike products. Our extensive product range, combined with our unsurpassed product knowledge, enables us to provide the right solution and highest level of service to our customers.

We specialize in Telecom, Power, Computing, IT, Consumer, & Defense Sectors and support reputed OEMs and EMS companies. Our Global delivery model helps in providing quality products & services to our esteemed customers at competitive prices in shortest lead times.

We always endeavor to provide efficient, innovative & clean energy solutions.

  • Our Specialization is for low volume design-in/prototype/pilot-run need and support for bulk volume requirement with Special Prices from manufacturers
  • Technical Assistance for Components suitability for your design requirements and provide application data for usage
  • Quick paid/free sampling
  • Indian Rupee as well as USD billing mode
  • Tackling logistics to get fast delivery of desired parts from worldwide stocking locations.

Electronics & Electrical Division handles products under 4 Business Groups.

  • Components
  • |
  • Power Conversion
  • |
  • LED Lighting
  • |
  • Bio-Mass Industry
Electronics -Components

AC / DC Brushless Fans & Blowers
The product range covers Axial fans from 25mm-450mm, blowers from 30mm-450mm, cross-flow fans, and slim blowers.

A combination of distinctive blade design & innovative structure design greatly increases cooling performance and also reduces system noise with temperature sensor control when the fan is in low load operation.

Fans with hot-swap construction, fan trays and modules are available.

• Data Centres
• Telecom & IT
• Automotive
• Consumer
• Industrial / Ventilation Fan

Electronics -Power Conversion
AC-DC/ DC-DC Converters | SMPS
  • Board Mountable DC-DC Converters
  • Chassis Mountable AC-DC/ DC-DC Converters
  • Custom Design SMPS

Board Mountable DC-DC Converters
We offer a complete range of DC/DC products ranging from 1W to 700W, covering all the popular industry standard sizes and footprints in both Isolated/ Non-Isolated types in SIP & SMD types which covers:

  • Telecom, Industrial,
  • Data Centre Solutions,
  • Networking,
  • Transportation.
Electronics -Power Conversion
AC-DC/ DC-DC Converters | SMPS

We deal in Industry Standard SMPS for various applications with high efficiency & Power density. The products are modular/ redundant/ hot swappable, and provide universal input power systems for high reliability.

  • Industrial PSU : 12V/24V/48V
  • Telecom              : 24V/48V
  • Consumer          : 5V/12V/24V
  • IT/Networking  : 24V/48V
  • Automotives     : 12V/24V

Custom Design SMPS
We have capabilities to design, manufacture and supply the Custom Build Power Supplies as per your specifications.

Electronics -LED Lighting

Complete range of Indoor & Outdoor lighting.
High Lumen Package, High Luminous efficacy, Quality Certified products:

Indoor Lighting Products:
Bulb, Tubelight, SpotLights, MR-16 lamps, PAR lamps, Downlighters, LED Panels,

Outdoor Lighting Products:
Street Lights – both AC & Solar based

Industrial Lighting:
Highbay Lights, Flood Lights, Architectural Lights Strip Lights, & LED Chips also available.

All the above products are available in Industry standard wattage, size, color temperature etc.

LED lights finds application in almost every sphere – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Office space, Factory shed, Hotel, Showroom, and Roadway lighting.

Electronics -Bio-Mass Industry


NSM Series-

  1. NSM 12, Type A, Lead Acid Battery Based
  2. NSM 24, Type B, Lithium - ion Battery Based

The Filatech NSM 12, NSM 24 series of PSUs are ideally designed for upcoming Bio-Mass operated and Electronically controlled Stoves using Lead Acid batteries.


  • Multiple I/P both in DC (Through Adapter) and AC (Solar) voltages
  • 12V DC or 230V AC
  • Built in 4.5Ah battery bank (which can be charged using a AC or 12V solar panel)
  • Branded 12V Lead Acid Battery in 4.5 Ah Socket for 12V at the front to connect DC fan
  • DC fan Speed adjustable via front-face rotary potentiometer
  • Rated output voltage 12 V DC
  • LED light 1W in the front to illuminate during the black out . Low power dissipation and low heating
  • Front-face LEDs for status indication
Electronics -Power Conversion
DC UPS for Cook stove | Various other Components | Biomass Gasifier

AC-DC Adapters
Specially Designed for Bio-Mass Gas Stove Application . Wide Range of Input . Open For Customised requirements . Adapters are offered with 6months Warranty

DC Fans
We can supply DC fans approved in Bio Mass Gas stove proJect . Branded Fans from DELTA ELECTRONICS INC. . Wide Range of DC Fans both Axial & Centrifugal . Various DC fan starting from 25mm-280mm in 5v, 12v, 24v & 48v . DC fan are offered with 1 year Warranty

Customised Power Controller
Filatech has a dedicated RND team who are willingly to take up customised power controller requirements . Already have 2 different design of Power controller with Li-ion & Lead Acid batteries . Working on Solar Charge controllers

Other Components
Filatech also supply Board Mountable DC-DC converters - DELTA MAKE
Filatech also supply Li-ion & Lead Acid Batteries - Various Brands .
LED Light 1W-2W in 12V & 48V For Various Application

Electronics -Other Strategic Alliances

● Solar Panels
● Connectors – Industrial/ Telecom/ Automotive applications
● Electronic Lighting Ballast
● Batteries – Consumer/ Telecom/ Industrial/ Automotive/ Solar applications
● Complete BOM Kitting