Polyester & Nylon chips
We are one of the biggest and most reputed traders for Polyester Chips.  We buy & sell all types of Chips like Semi Dull / Bright / Cationic Etc.

We also deal in Nylon Chips. 

We keep ready Stocks of Polyester Chips available all the time and are always ready to purchase Chips for our Stock and sell.  

Few of the brands that we represent are  Chung Shing, CMFC, Asia Pacific Fibers, Polychem, Shin Kong and Tainan Spinning.  

Our strength lies in the fact that we carry a large inventory worldwide which enables us to make just-in-time deliveries to our customers.
Polyester & Nylon Yarns

FILATECH has a world wide network and capacity to do Effective Techno - Commercial sourcing & Selling of all types of Polyester & Nylon Filaments Yarns. Filatech  is dealing in Polyester & Nylon POY's  / FDY's & DTY's of any origin & grade. The product range includes products for apparels as well as Industrial application like Belting Fabrics, Tyre Cord Fabrics etc.

FILATECH also buys and sells Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 Yarns for various applications. We are dealing in Yarns of a number of reputed manufacturers across the Globe.  Few of them are :
NanYaCMFC (Taiwan), Indorama (Indonesia), Wellknown Polyesters (India) and Sanathan Textile (India)

We are also dealing in Import & Export of Stock Lots / Mix Lots and off Grades

High Tenacity Industrial Yarns

FILATECH buys and sells High Tenacity Industrial Yarns made of Polyester, Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 all over the world for various applications. These Yarns are mostly used in Tyre Cord Fabric, Coated Fabrics, Belting Fabrics, Ropes etc. 

Our product range has all the Yarns from 240 D to 3000 D 

Tenacity : Above 8.5g/D 

Colour    : Raw white as well as Coloured Yarns  

Spun Yarns

FILATECH is buying & selling wide range of Spun Yarns. Our Product range consists of  OE Spun Yarns, Jet Spun Yarns and Ring Spun Yarns  

We are dealing in all the Blends like :

  1. 100% Cotton Carded Yarns
  2. 100% Cotton Combed Yarns
  3. 100% Polyester Spun Yarns
  4. 100% Viscose Spun Yarns
  5. 100% Acrylic Spun Yarns
Blended yarns of all types.

We can also supply Value Added Spun Yarns like 
Slub Yarns  
Core Spun Yarns 
Compact Yarns
Combed Gassed Mercerised Yarns

Polyester & Viscose Fiber
FILATECH buys & sells all types of Viscose & Polyester Staple Fibers. 

With our global network, we can source and sell any fiber from almost any origin to fit your needs.  

In addition to this, we are agents of few of the reputed Manufacturers. 

We handle first grade fibers, substandard fibers as well as regenerated fibers (in all available grades) mainly from Taiwanese, Indian, Indonesian & Chinese origin..  

We also have the possibility to offer Dope-dyed staple fibers matched to customers specific needs. 
Belting Fabrics
As the name suggests the fabric is used for making the conveyor carcass, so the quality is of prime importance as it has to withstand repeated / cyclic stress and strain in adverse conditions.  

FILATECH realizes this and always provides best fabric for the carcass of rubber conveyor belting, which helps the belt to overcome the adversities like impact resistance, abrasion resistance, ageing resistance, fatigue, and edge wearing. 

The major supplier is Zhejiang Unifull Industrial Fiber Co. Ltd. in Belting Fabrics for Indian region.
Tyre Cord Fabric
FILATECH buys and sells quality Tyre Cord Fabric to leading Tyre Manufactures around the globe.

We deal in all type of Tyre Cord Fabric made out of Polyester, Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 

The major supplier is Zhejiang Unifull Industrial Fiber Co. Ltd. in Tyre Cord Fabrics for Indian region.

We are always interested to buy and sell B Grade / Off Grade Tyre Cord Fabric.