Auto Mains Failure - AMF
2V-6A 72W

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The objectives of this project are to Design a system that allows switching from mains power to backup power when anomaly is detected. AMF continuously monitor the level of voltage.


  • Mostly used in telecom sector to provide automation
  • Apartments Auto Switching Load
  • Textiles Industries
  • Other varied industries

Flow Chart

Remote Monitoring Source - RMS

Provide the Right Solution and Highest Level of Service to Our Customers

RMS has two parts as following

Embedded part is installed at site to gather information from the solar based motor drive & send all this information to server & user may able to view all this information on web.

Application software specially designed to capture the information from sites is loaded in server. Server is connected with static public IP


  • Telecome
  • Solar Pumps
  • Industrial
  • Aggriculture


Item Name Description
Power Input 38-60VDC
LEDs 8Nos (May be assigned as per requirement)
Digital Input 16Nos (May be assigned as per requirement, Alarms available at site may be mapped with these digital inputs if corresponding Dos available)
Digital Output 8Nos (May be assigned as per requirement)
LCD 1No, 2X16 (To show the alarms available at site)
DC Energy Meter By default 4 channels & extendable up to 8 channels
DCCT By default 4Nos for 4 channels energy measurement
RS485 Port One No (To add more devices over RS485 protocol if require in future)
GSM/GPRS Modem One No (To send the information to server considering 1st priority of GPRS and 2nd GSM)
Memory Data storage capability in case of network failure for a certain period

Salient Features

Power Conversion

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