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Electric Vehicle Chargers EVCS

Filatech delivers energy-efficient Delta’s EV charging solutions including AC EV charger, DC quick charger and Site Management System. Delta’s EV chargers offer high-performance power efficiency up to 94%, support communication functions for system integration and have obtained global safety certifications such as UL, IEC, CHAdeMO, CQC and CNS. The comprehensive EV charging solutions are able to fulfill the needs for various applications such as parking, workplace, fleet, residential buildings, etc.

Filatech can do the EV Chargers installation & Commissioning in PAN India basis. Also we can arrange the customization in EV Chargers (Modification in suitable Connecting Gun) with prior request.

Apart from this we can also provide the Battery Swapping station solutions as well.

AC charging is the simple way of charging the electric vehicle and can be easily installed at home, shopping plazas, and workplaces. An AC charger provides power to the on-board charger of the vehicle, converting that AC power to DC in order to enter the battery. As it's space-efficient, take longer to charge the vehicle.

DC Fast Charging provides direct DC power to the battery, thus bypasses all of the limitations of the on-board chargers, and thus takes less time to charge the electric vehicle. The time required to charge the vehicle depends upon on the battery size and the output of the dispenser, and other factors.

E-rickshaw battery charger is specially designed for effective conversion of AC input power to appropriate DC power for 48V DC battery charging. Microcontroller based technology is highly effective for various protections & heat management of product. Compact design along with handle makes an ease to user to carry the product as and when required.

48V & 60V, 15 Amp E-Bike’s Li-ion battery charger is specially designed to enable effective conversion of AC power to DC power, for appropriate charging to e-Bike’s battery. Inherent microcontroller-based technology is highly effective to ensure two stage charging (CC/CV) with soft start feature in a very precised manner. It also helps to get various protections more in line.

Delta AC Chargers


Compatible to all 4 Wheelers :- AC Mini Plus 7.36KW, AC Max 22KW

Suitable for 2W/3W Swapping Station :- Bharat AC001-10KW-3*3.3KW Socket-

Delta DC Chargers


DC Ultra Fast Charger ( Customised range)

  1. 50Kw( Dual CCS)
  2. 50KW( CCS+ CHAdeMO)
  1. 72KW( CCS+CCS+22KW AC)
  2. 72KW( CCS+CHAdeMO+22KW AC)
  1. 100KW( Dual CCS)
  2. 100KW( Dual GB/T)
  3. 100KW( CCS + CHAdeMO)
  1. 122KW( CCS+CCS+22KW AC)
  2. 122KW( CCS+CCS+22KW AC)
  3. 122KW( CCS+CHAdeMO+22KW AC)
  1. 150KW( dual CCS)
  2. 150KW( dual GB/T)
  3. 150KW( CCS + CHAdeMO)
  1. 200Kw( Dual CCS)
  2. 200KW( Dual GB/T)
  3. 200KW( CCS+ CHAdeMO)